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Sandy Creek Covered Bridge in Jefferson County

The popular Sandy Creek Bridge is a completely covered bridge representing a perfect picturesque appearance. Looking like an archaic red barn, it is among the six bridges constructed in 1872 to help connect Hillsboro (Jefferson County) with St. Louis. Apparently, John Morse is credited with erecting the bridge using the innovative Howe-truss design in honor of William Howe who patented it in 1840. Besides Sandy Creek, the two other bridges that leaned on the Howe-truss design include Locust Creek and Burfordville covered bridges. Therefore, is this covered bridge resembles your farm’s barn, then it is serving the purpose for which it was erected. The design was meant to look like that of a typical farm structure. It was also meant to draw the attention of farm animals while protecting the inner structure. The Jefferson County Business Association is highlighting the popular Sandy Creek Covered Bridge.


The designers greatly considered the welfare of animals under harsh weather conditions. Since it had a barn-like structure, animals could readily enter in the event of a wild storm. Travelers too were not forgotten in the design process, as the structure provided ideal shelter for them in case the weather became unfriendly. However, there were six more bridges besides this one constructed in the country during the later part of the 1800s. Unfortunately, only this stood the test of time, as the remaining bridges are no more. However, there are three others in Missouri, all of which are marked as historic sites. Despite being state historic sites, some of them would enjoy a grant advanced to the parks systems of the state.


While the bridge remains an active pedestrian path, vehicles are no longer allowed to use it. As a historic site, it attracts a number of tourists from all walks of life. It is surprising how the bridge attracts several visitors and tourists annually. Some people have also preferred to use the location for their wedding ceremonies. In fact, those who have recently moved into Jefferson County find this location an attractive site to organize some of life’s biggest events, including weddings. Others who have been using the bridge since they were young children still consider this structure to be of some sentimental value to them. The Jefferson County Business Association encourages more people and tourists to visit the bridge and experience this historic site firsthand. Therefore, if you have never been to the famous Sandy Creek Bridge – the only remaining covered bridge in the entire county – then you should prepare yourself for a tour of the site.

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